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CGT's not so well after all

In message <3310FAE7.7072@tiac.net> Allan Jones writes:

> 	While on the subject(of shorts, not crack), I believe either my
> ignition switch or key warning buzzer is not functioning properly. The
> ignition switch module is brand-spanking-new, so is doubtfully the cause
> of following problem. . .  The "key in the igniton" warning beep will
> come on regardless of whether or not the key is in the ignition. But it
> only does this sometimes. When the key is in the ign. and in the off(far
> back) position, and a door is ajar, the warning beep will come on as it
> is supposed to. But if I pull the key out, it remains beeping. Then if I
> shut door and turn ign. on, then pull key out, then open dr. - nothing,
> which is good. But if I put key in ign. while dr. is open(it beeps as it
> should), then pull key OUT while dr. is still open, buzzer STILL BEEPS
> w/ NO KEY!

My system beeps with the key out, either the lights or the radio on, and the 
driver's door open.  Any other combination - no beep.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club