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Re: CGT's key warning buzzer

> My system beeps with the key out, either the lights or the radio on, and the
> driver's door open.  Any other combination - no beep.

	Phil old buddy(please don't take that personally, you're way too
helpful to lose!), I have detailed info on what causes my ignition
warning beep/buzzer to do its thing! The ignition keyhole itself is a
metal(aluminum?) assembly that is encased for cosmetic reasons by a 
small plastic cover at the top of the housing(right near/around/circling
the keyhole. The cover and the WHOLE ASSEMBLY together have a tiny
amount of travel back and forth/actually in and out is more appropriate.
If the plastic "cap"(with a hole in it for the keyhole), together with
the metal ignition assembly, is pulled out and away from the steering
column, or towards you the driver, an electrical contact is broken and
no more beeping. If the metal ignition housing is pushed towards the
column or the dash, which is done every time the key is inserted into
the ignition, it seems that there is a connection made that is not
supposed to be made, and the warning buzzer will sound regardless of key
location. I can end the sound by pulling on the ignition along with the
plastic cap. I did short something out while cleaning the connector that
connects to the ignition switch module which I replaced, so I guess it's
entirely possible the module is connecting two wires that should not be
touching every time I "push" it together?!?? I dunno . . . . just
thought I'd let you know what I now know, and if you(or anyone else) can
help me any further, well, thank you AGAIN(for the tenth time!)