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Re: Synthoil AGAIN?? very very long,,,,,,,,,

On Feb 22, 10:36pm, Meron wrote:

> with the exception of Corvette and Porsche, engine manufacturers
> have not jumped on the synthetic wagon.

This speaks nothing about the quality of synthetic oils, and
everything of economics and joint marketing.  Tell me, how many
cars come from the factory with what most people on this list would
call top-quality, highest-performance tires?

> have told you that I personally ran two tests of synthetic oil for
>  an OEM engine manufacturer one test on a large diesel for 1000 HRS
> at rated load ...the results were:
> INCREASED wear on engine components, especially valve train
> double the oil consumption
> premature failures of seals

This is a partial answer to a question that you ask later: most
people on this list know that such testing and results are meaningless
in terms of oil choice for their cars, without knowing intimate
details of the testing.  Even then, the results may have little
or no bearing on how applicable synthoil is to auto driving.

> Why do you and the rest of the list refuse to accept Consumer
> magazine tests?

Speaking for myself here, and through many layers of Nomex.  From
what I've seen of Consumer Reports testing, my feeling is that
they have quite a bit of personal bias; they tend to ignore 
things that I find important and concentrate on things that I
find trite.  Example: in their comparison of the A4 to other two
cars in its class, they ranked the A4 third, as I recall... 
and they dedicated their photo space to the all-important A4
problem, which is this: the headrests can be pushed down with
too little force.  Yes, a problem.  But really, if you're gonna
put the car in third place, I'd think you'd feature some other
gripes you had with the car.

Lastly, while CR may be a great publication for those who have
absolutely no knowledge of a subject and aren't very discriminating,
it is of little use for anyone with at least a hobbyist-level
interest in a subject.  They prove it time and time again to me
with their reviews of consumer electronics, kitchen appliances
and food.

Any magazine that would rate Molson a top beer, and in the same
list put Pilsner Urquel at the bottom, need not show up in my

> There is nothing I can do to change your mind about using synthetics and I
> agree "they have there place" but, in most cases they are not needed, the
> quality of oil today is extremely high

Agree totally.

>  synthetic oil IS NOT going to supply you with any extra margin of
> security or prolong your engine life. 
> This is what synthetic will do for you:
> start easier in the winter,

And if you live in a cold climate where you do frequent winter
starts, might this not translate into increased engine and/or
starter life???

Dan Masi