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Radio + Engine tuneup

Hi all.

I have a couple of questions.
	a) I disconnected my car batteries yesterday and when I reconnected them
		the radio had shut off due to the anti-theft protection system. So I 
		got out the personal-code, or what I was told was the personal-code (
		I  bought the car from another owner). When I tried to punch it in, 
		I found that the number must be <= 1999. The number I had in my hand
		was 7557 so obviously that was not the personal-code number. I am 
		therefore without a radio currently. Anybody have any ideas as to what 
		I could do now ?

	b) I am thinking of having the car tuned up. I just called an Audi-service
		center in Dover, NH. He gave me a price of $250. The servicing would
			* changing spark plugs
			* changing the air filter
			* resetting the engine something (I could not catch the last word)
			* Running a computerised engine test/checkup.
		Is this a reasonable price ? If not, any suggestions for other 
		trusted service-centers/garages ?

I would appreciate any help/advice. 
Also I am not on the mailing list so please address all replies to my 
personal address: mdholaki@baynetworks.com