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Re: 85 ur-q FOR SALE!

     > pretty decent.  The interior was clean but there may be something to 
     > tell about it.  The tell-tale can of pentosin was sitting on the 
     > floor.  Leaks? The exterior looks good also.  I din't notice any 
     > glaring damage or door
     Buyer beware, the fact the owner of an ur-q had pentosin sitting on 
     the floor, is bad news. The power steering on the ur-qs takes Dextron 
     II, not the expensive green pentosin stuff. A common mistake for 
     mechanics is to top up the power steering reservior in ur-qs with the 
     wrong stuff.
     Regards, Mike
     I believe this may be the only cheaper running cost in owning an ur-q 
     over a 5KTQ.....