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MultiMeters, Fluke and others

Hello gang,

Someone asked.........
> I'm looking at the 78 and the 88.  Can't see much difference in features.
> Range/sensitivity are better/broader on the 88 as well as price ($200).  
> I missing something or is the 78 a "better" deal?

>>Mark, to the best of my knowledge, Fluke does not have either a 78 of an
>>88 in their model range.
>>The 70 series are: 70, 73, 75, 77, 79.
>>The 80 series are: 83, 85, 87.
>>Igor Kessel

Well, the  78 and the 88 are the AUTOMOTIVE versions of the 70 and
80 series DMM's that Fluke sells, they are only sold through their 
designated automotive distributors and they are not available 
through the electrical/electronic distributors listed previously.  I have a 
list  of the authorized Fluke Automotive Distributors in the US.  if anyone 
needs to know.

The more well known Fluke Automotive Distributors are
Mac Tools, and the Matco tool trucks. The Fluke 78 sells
for around $220-250 and has volts, ohms, continuity, current, dwell, 
frequency, duty cycle,  RPM (with optional pickup) , and direct 
TEMPERATURE measurement capabilities. It accepts the standard
K-type thermocouples for measuring temperature. 

The 88 has most of the features of the 78 but
has better resolution (4 1/2 digits) for the Pulse Width and
Frequency measurements, a little better accuracy, 
Lo-Ohms mode, backlit LCD screen,  but it is a product that has 
been around for awhile  and it does not measure dwell or 
temperature  directly . It does come standard with the RPM 
pickup and a nice carrying case. It is a bit of an overkill for 
most home repair enthusiasts as it lists for over $400. 
In my opinion the 78 is a better deal than the 88. If you really need
to buy a Fluke 80 series, look at the non-automotive model 
Fluke 87 which GM has recommended for use by their 
service people. There is also the Snap On DMM
, the MT586 for around $380.

Mac Tools also distributes the ET330 ($240) and the ET332 ($375-$400) 
model Automotive DMM's with a few more features that are sold by 
Tektronix which just  happens to be the company that I work for....... 
these DMM's are part of  the product portfolio that I manage.........
We also sell standard Electrical/electronic models that compete
with the Fluke 70 and 80 series......just a little marketing talk......

Insert BIG Disclaimer here...........

I have most of the competing DMM's in my office, 
if anyone needs further details on their features 
and/or operation or if anyone has any general
DMM questions.

The high end automotive DMM's listed above are typically only 
purchased by full time mechanics/technicians who use 
them on a daily basis and take advantage of their extra
 features along with the need for their rugged construction
 and reliability. 

Hope that helps
Scott Mockry
Product Marketing Manager