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RE: Rescue dogs - no Audi content

Robert Myers writes:

>If anyone might be interested in having some nice 
>dogs here is an opportunity.  These dogs are "Alaskan
>Huskies" - that is, mixed breeds with a lot of Siberian 
>Husky in the mix - and should make nice pets.  

WARNING - WARNING - WARNING:  These dogs may 
well be 'nice' but will only be 'nice pets' for certain specific

By way of reference, we own a bunch (technical term) of
Siberian Huskies ... my wife breeds them for show and for
running.  We know many people who do the same, some
of which also own/breed various sled-dog mixes.  One set
of characteristics is true for ALL of these dogs:
 - They are very friendly & loving - great with kids.
 - They are lousy guard dogs (they love strangers).
 - They are VERY LOUD - yipping and scream/howling 
   at anything & everything (few bark however).
 - They are virtually untrainable.  They won't come 
    when called, roll over, beg etc (unless food's
    involved - when they become VERY trainable).
 - You CANNOT keep them in.  Anything. They WILL 
   get out.  One of our dogs CLIMBED out over an
   8ft chain link fence!  Another ate the entire door 
   panel on my wife's car (not an Audi fortunately).
   A friend's dog ate a hole in heavy gauge chain link 
   (closed over top) and escaped. They will also dig
   to get out.  Lie, cheat, steal, pick locks etc.
 - If they get loose out of doors, they'll be GONE!  
   They'll (sometimes) come back after a few days - IF 
   they don't get lost or don't get shot for worrying 
   sheep/cows/horses/other farm animals etc.
 - Anything furry and smaller than they are is food.
   They'll KILL cats, other small dogs etc (then come
   back to you looking sheepish, wagging tail, blood
   dripping from mouth).
 - They can go nuts (bouncing off walls) if not WELL
    exercised and regularly.
 - Do NOT keep them in an apartment!

Having said all that, I love my dogs.  They are beautiful, independant, 
intelligent and ornery, self opinionated, loud mouthed ... hey, wait a 
minute ... are you sure you Qlister guys are not all Siberians?

-Mark Quinn