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Re: Ski rack for rent ???

In a note dated 2/26/97 you write:

<<Would anyone have a ski rack for audi 100 for rent (or for sale) ? I have
one set for my audi 90q.  Normally I always take my 90q for skiing.  But we
need to take the 100 this time (one week only - March 9).  Obviously my rack
won't fit my wife's 100.>>

You sure it doesn't fit??? I used the same Yakima racks on my 88 80q and 87
5kcstqw for years...no problems. What kind of racks are these that don't
fit...aside from distance between the uprights, the roof mounts should be the
same. I'd loan you mine (on long term loan to a friend with a adnoh as they
don't fit my 4kq) but you are a bit far away...check again to make sure that
your 90q racks don't really fit though!!! Yakima did apparently change clips
for 100/200 series cars but they look the same as the 80/90/5k series clips.
Good luck HTH...

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq