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Fluke 87 DMM vs Fluke 88 Automotive DMM

Someone asked what the difference was between the Fluke 87
and the Fluke 88 DMM's. The Fluke 87 was designed for 
electrical/electronic troubleshooting and the 88 was 
designed to accomodate automotive measurements
and it comes with a inductive RPM pickup, additional
test leads and clips and hard  plastic carrying case.

Here is what I know...... 
Apparently General Motors liked the Fluke 87 because 
of its better accuracy, 1ms pulse capture, high impedance 
mode (nano-siemans) for checking Ignition coil leakage, 
and it had a lower price than the Fluke 88.

Fluke 87							Fluke 88
True RMS						NO
VAC	 (1.0% Accuracy + 4 dgt)		(1.5% + 5dgt)
VDC (0.1% +1digit) accuracy		(0.15% +2 digits) accuracy
mVDC (0.1% +1dgt)				(0.15%+2dgt)
Ohms (0.1ohm resolution)			(Lo-Ohm mode, 0.01ohm)
Conductance (in nano-Siemans)		Not Available
 i.e. measure high impedance
Continuity test						Yes
Capacitance						Not Available
Diode Test						Yes
Amps DC , (0.2%+2dgt)				(1.3%%+2dgt)
Amps AC, (1.0% +2)				(1.5% +5dgt)
milli-Amps DC, (0.2%+2dgt)			(0.8%+2dgt)					
milli-Amps AC, (1.0%+2dgt)			(1.5%+5dgt)
micro-Amps (AC and DC) 			Not Available
Frequency (0.005%+2dgt)			(0.01%+1dgt)
Duty Cycle						Yes
Pulse Width						Yes
1millisecond Peak capture 			Not Available
(captures 1ms voltage spikes)
Min/Max							Yes
Not Available						RPM
Backlit Display					Yes

That's all folks
Scott M.