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Re:Avi's stubborn refusal to believe

There are many standards throughout the world, as you have listed. The point
I was trying to make was that it is difficult or impossible to compare
several products in a scientific way by simply saying that they meet or
exceed someones standards. By using specific ASTM tests, one can, for
example, easily compare two or more motor oils and know that they're
comparing apples to apples. The ASTM D-2266 tests coefficient of friction.
ASTM D-2596 tests wear at a specific load. ASTM D-4683 is a high temperature
shear test.  ASTM D-92 is a flash point/fire point test. ASTM D-97 is a pour
point test. ASTM D-2270 measures viscosity index. ASTM D-445 measures
kinematic viscosity at 100 deg. C and 40 deg. C. There are many others. 
It seems that Avi is becoming very defensive. No need to.