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Re: Stabilant

In a message dated 97-02-26 22:29:09 EST, you write:

<< Just now saw your note recommending Cramolin, made by CAIG.
 I did an internet search and found CAIG has a web page.
 Guess what...They also make Stabilant!  Apparently also WD-40.
 They have a comparison chart listing various properties of about ten
 different products, including cost.
 The address is http://www.caig.com/SB-SPEC.HTM
 The biggest difference I noticed between Stabilant and Cramolin, aside from
 cost, is that it has a larger temperature range and comes with a precision
 applicator.  But I'm no expert, there may be other more important
 Stabilant is $70 per 30 ml, Cramolin is $22 per 30 ml. >>

Guess I should have looked deeper into their web page...My suggestion to all
out there interested in electrical connector cleaner/preservatives is to
check out this web page and try for your free samples!!! Mine are supposedly
on the way. This answers the question about where to get the facts and
availability information on these products...now go forth and clean away!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (with clean electrical connections)