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Re: Nooooooooooooo!!!!

In a note dated 2/26/97 Elliott Potter writes:

<snip><<the rear bumper now has a small hole about 1 inch tall and 1/4 inch
wide.<snip>I'm taking the car to the dealer on Saturday to get an estimate of
it will cost to fix this, and was wondering if there is some way to patch the
bumper or if the whole thing must be replaced<snip>

No, there isn't any way to fix this without it being noticable...depends on
the condition of the rest of your car if you can "live with it" or not.

<<Any thoughts would be appreciated. Taking it somewhere besides the dealer
is out of the question (yes dear; coming dear; yes dear; to the dealer it is

I hope she pays your repair bills when she says that ;-) The bumper cover is
not difficult to R&R. Perhaps a clean used one from a salvage yard might be a
more economical alternative to new (expect to pay at least a grand with paint
for a new one). I can sympathize with the person who hit you...but your
insurance shouldn't hold this against you, and she might just become a more
careful driver less prone to these types of "incidents" if you let this
progress through "normal channels". I try to always be as nice as possible
and bend over backwards for people in this type of situation, but almost
always I end up being the one that gets the raw end of the deal. Good luck!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq