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Re: V8 Front Bumper on 200?

In a message dated 97-03-02 11:22:46 EST, 74543.407@compuserve.com (Paul C.
Waterloo) writes:

<< Was looking at a V8 yesterday, the one thing I really love about that car
is the
 front end and the fog lights in the front bumper.
 Anyone know if the front bumper from a V8 would fit on a 1991 200? I would
 to find one, paint it pearl, and put it on with those fog lights.
 Paul >>

I doubt it.  Unless it's a '91 200 20v, which has the required flared
fenders.  But even then I'm not sure.  BTW, those fog lights, like any V8
owner will tell you, are not cheap.  If you could get the bumper and it would
work, I'd try to get it with the lights included.  Good luck.

-Ingo Rautenberg
90 V8Q 163k+
85 4KQ 130k