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Keeper: Defeating Headlight Warning for V8

Just a quick note to say "Thank You" to Igor Kessel and Al Powell for their
Low Beam Headlight Warning display solutions.  I ended up using Al's
solution, since I didn't have a spare relay to work from and it worked just
as promised for the V8.  On the V8 the relay is located under the pass

How to get to relay for V8:

1.  Remove pass side (US) insulated base carpet. Put seat all they way back.

2.  Remove fuse panel carpet on right side of pass footwell (unscrew two
knurled knobs holding carpeted panel in place.

3.  Remove two screws attaching center console carpet to relay box (where
your passenger's feet would be) and pull carpeted panel by center console
downward and away from tunnel.

4.  Look over diagrams on relay box.  One is labeled lamp warning, I believe
(no. 7).  The V8 has a unique way of cramming all its relays through sliding
trays which you will see shortly.  Remove two more screws (one at top of
cover, the other on right bottom, and remove.  

5.  Slide out(pull) top (in my case) shelf as indicated by relay diagram, so
that relay tops are facing you.  The "culprit is marked "281" aka 443 919
469B. Remove.  

6.  Take four spade connectors(blue ones if insulated at the hardware store)
and six inches of  14 ga. wiring, cut to make two 3" pcs. and crimp
corresponding spade connectors .  I removed spade insulation for better
crimping and then put heatshrink tubing on exposed surfaces.  Don't know how
diagram will come out, but here's how wires plugged into my relay socket (\
and / indicating 3" 14 ga wires, == and II indicating spade connector

   II  56bR       II  56bL
   II                 II
             II  56bR1

Very logical, but remember, always double check before testing.  Test and
reassemble minus relay.  Any additional questions, check out Igor's earlier
post or Al Powell's response from January 1, 1997 entitled "Keeper:
 Defeating Headlight Warning."

-Ingo Rautenberg
90 V8Q 163k+
85 4KQ 130k