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Re: T.A.P.'s a pleasure to deal with

As Dave Brady can attest, I also have found TAP very nice to deal with.
So far I have bought from them a Scorpion Exhaust and a pair of Piper
Cams as well as a K&N Cone setup. Apart from purchasing from them, I
have on several occasions called them up and just talked about my car
their project cars. Ivor has always been helpful and patiant. 
	I have one question though. Has anybody had any experience with TAP's
chips for normally aspirated cars? 16 hp from a $200 chip seems to me to
be a bit of an exaggerated claim for my I-5 20v. Any comments would be
greatly appreciated... 
-Ramana Lagemann
1990 Coupe Q 20v
Momo Corse, TSW Hock R's (black!), Piper Cams, Scorpion Exhaust, K&N
Cone... plus more!

P.S. Suspension is my next upgrade... Am considering H&R Springs and
Bilstein Sport Shocks as well as Urethane Bushings... Yes? No? Anything
else to consider?