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Re: '84 Audi 4KS - Other wheels?

Scott B. Pillar wrote:
> Surprisingly few Audi's in my neck of the woods. Are there any other wheels
> (VW?) which fit my car? I need 3. Two for snow tires and one for a regualar
> spare. TIA
Check out Discount Tire:  They are based in AZ but opperate in many
states.  I have purchased wheels and tires for my several Quattros since
1986. (The latest, a neat set of 3 spoke Borbett wheels that real show
off the rotors on the S-6)  Nice people with very good customer service
additude....they advertise in "Automobile" and other mags. I am sure you
will get their "800" number by calling 800-555-1212 and asking for
Discount Tire...but if not, their local Ann Arbor, Michigan number is
313-769-2158, the manager in Ann Arbor, "Gary", is quite helpful.  
John Coffey
'86 5000 CS Turbo Quattro, '89 200 Turbo Quattro, '91 200 Turbo Quattro
'95 S-6 Turbo Quattro ( I love/loved them all!).