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Re: Cars for Sale '89 200q in Chicago Tribune

In a message dated 97-03-02 11:30:01 EST, Paul wrote:

 Lots of interesting stuff in the Chicago Tribune from this week:
 1991 200 q, pearl with grey leather, 22K miles (that's right), $19,900,
 exchange, 847-432-5020

I just happened to drive it Saturday so I'll pass along my notes.  The car
odometer states 22K and it looks proper for the mileage.  I think it is all
in-town mileage.  I ran my hand on the front of the hood and could not feel
and rock chips, naturally I could not see any chips - no guarantees I do not
look that close.  Hood did not look as if it was ever repainted.  Left front
fender did look like a repaint but a very very good repaint especially for
pearl.  The fender to frame bolts under the hood were not disturbed - still
had cosmoline stains.  Two minor boo boos on the rear quarters one per side -
probably shopping carts or doors.  

Drove it for 25 minutes - car ran fine, engine strong, clutch ok.  Brakes are
UFOs and do vibrate a little at 30 mph, quite a bit more at 75mph.  I do not
test ABS in the dry.  Interior is gray and looked ok - passenger seat may
have had a lot of sun exposure -  not quite as pliable as I would like.
  Damn seats are barcalay loungers!!!  Do ALL these cars have them - I
greatly prefer the sport seats in my 89 200qw.  Everything else I tried
worked - windows, alarm, lights, cruise, radio.  Radio is Bose - did not see
an optional CD player.  Has phone (did not try phone but did feel tempted).  

I'm going to pass on the car because for me its not a great enough leap
forward over my '89 200qw.  I like the seats and brakes in my '89 much
better.  Of course the engine in the '91 is great but coupled with the
difference in brakes and seats its not enough for me to drop big bucks.  

Although I'm not going to go for it maybe one of you are interested.  The
salesman I spoke to is Larry LaCoste at The Exchange , tele: 847-432-5020.
 Nice guy - tell him I sent you - I have no financial interest but maybe
he'll call me first when he finds a correct S-4/S-6.

Mark Gadbois