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Fuel Injectors

I am looking for fuel injectors for my 87' 5KCSTq.  Anyone know who has the
best price for these?  The part number is 0 437 502 045.  They are the same
(i think) for all the 84 and newer turbo I5's.  I can get them for ~ $46
(my mechanics cost) but would like to pay less.  Any sugggestions or does
anyone have a few used but good ones they would be willing to sell?

<trying to fix my sloooow start problem>

Also:  my brother had a mishap with his 86' 5KS last week...  An ambulance
hit head on into his passenger side going 45 mph!  Threw the audi some ~20
feet where it hit a telephone pole about 4 feet above the ground.  The car
slid down and he walked out and preceded to yell at them for not having on
their sirens (lights were on though).  Went and looked at the vehicle the
other day, and I am _very_ impressed.  Not too many cars would (could)
sacrifice themselves like this for the safety of the driver.  

87' 5KCSTq