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Re: HEY Now, settle down out there....(wuz towing)

>Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 20:27:54 -0600
>To: sargent@symposiafoundation.org
>From: Dirk Dalton <dalton@mail.discover-net.net>
>Subject: Re: HEY Now, settle down out there....(wuz towing) 
>In-Reply-To: <3331D327.4911@symposiafoundation.org>
>At 04:15 PM 3/20/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>Whos the bigger person:
>>The one whos not afraid to ask what s/he knows not, or the one willing
>>to reflexively fire back a lame sarcastic response?
>>That said Id like nothing more than a little thought from some listers
>>before firing away at the inquisitors around here. After all, there are
>>no dumb questions, just dumb people, er something like that? (humor,
>>people!) Were on the same team, arent we? 
>>Towing is a concern of mine, too. Id like to be able to tow stuff, but
>>Id written off the Audi as having a prohibitively low capacity. I for
>>one find Phils European perspective enlightening (not so many silly
>>SUVs running around the parking lots over there - they often use cars
>>for towing). 
>>SO: Whats the towing capacity for my 91 200q?
>>I cant find it in the manual or the Bently (but maybe Im one of the
>>dumb ones?)
>>86 5ktq
>>91 200q
>I've towed plenty of stuff with my 5K, usually freinds cars back to a
garage.  Seems to tow wonderful.  Towed a freinds saab about 200 miles
going 70 with the cruise set...couldn't even tell it was there.
87' 5KCSTq