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In message <> Lee Levitt writes:

> That's not right at all...I certainly *can* afford a cellphone, I paid my
> brother in law three dollars cash for the one he got from his
> brother-in-law's sister's husband Billy Bob. :)

My first one cost me nothing at all.
There were two advertisements on successive right-hand pages in a copy of the 
American Express cardholders' magazine.  One was for the old Motorola "brick" - 
the artwork screamed "Free phone!" and the small print said "hideous amount 
per month".  The second was for the Technophone - billed as the world's 
smallest with artwork screaming "GBP1400" and small print offering a year's 
free connection.
Trouble was - they mixed up the small print so the Motorola brick was totally 
free for the first year.  Nothing for the phone and nothing for the service - 
just pay for the calls.  I rang them _instantly_, and they weaseled about 
"obviously a mistake".  Later, they called to say there had been a formal 
complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority and they would offer 500 
phones as a gesture of goodwill.

Mine was number 249.  They wasked me to write to the ASA confirming I had it.
 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club