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Conformal coating of circuit boards(All Audi content)

In message <970303151730_-803327173@emout16.mail.aol.com> MSV96@aol.com writes:

> Unsure but probably not...My understanding is that Audi themselves did not
> make these circuit boards-I was told (by Ned or TAP...not sure which) these
> are made by Hitachi (which would lead me to believe they are produced as
> cheap as possible!!!, ...

Doesn't follow.  I worked with Hitachi for nearly fifteen years.  One of the 
boards they produce (at Kanagawa) for the F9 mainframe costs several hundred 
thousand dollars.

You get what you ask for.  You pay for what you get.  

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club