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Re: Radiator for 86 5000 CST

I just bought an aftermarket rad for my 86 CGT because of a slow leak, and, though 
affordable ($300 vs $800 OEM) it ain't half the quality of the original.  My father, 
the old wiz, made a suggestion (all too late)--if its a good rad, go to a reputable 
shop--perhaps one that does classic & antique restoration work--get it boiled then 
repaired.  The acid boil gets rid of 11 yrs of deposits and since the core is all 
brass, a talented tech could repair it to perfect (and reliable) condition.  

He has done this on several vehicles that are too rareto another radiator and has had 
little trouble (one leaked again!). 

Anyway, I'm posting this to the list to see if anyone's had experiences with boiling & 
brazing. HTH

I had the above performed on my main radiator and aux radiator in my ur-q.
The orig are all metal and they got a dip bath, pressure test, re-braizing, and 
a paint job. They are now working fine. Also had the radiator in my 86 GT 
reworked like this about 4 years ago after it sprang a leak. Now it's still 
working fine.