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Re: s2 upgrades

> Nothing personal, but give me a friggin break...I WISH I had those to choose from...
> merlin
> 96 A4q

	No sh**!! As if I'm not bummed enough about driving an'86 CGT. F*&k!,
I'm jealous of people(nothing personal also) who are driving A4's, even
simple non-q turbos.....and he has to post a "problem" like that! My
advice Dave: Buy the goddamn Porsche/Audi...why not get the best of both
worlds?!!...and then give me your impractical, decrepid and
warranty-less, slow '90 ur-q with *extremely* "'OLD' technology". 
Jeez.... "resale," "'old' technology," "not an AudiSport car," "brakes,"
and "age" are some real sh%$%iy  f$%@*n' cons huh <SERIOUS AMOUNTS OF
SARCASM>. Try living with my '86 p. o. s#@t! ...Excuse me while I go
drive my poor self and humble CGT off a cliff.....

'86 Coupe GT(has infinite real cons)