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Re: rear ended

Alexei M Voloshin <Alexei.M.Voloshin-1@tc.umn.edu> doth spoke:

about what to do when you're going to get jammed from behind...

>If at all possible shift into neutral and let off the brake pedal. 


>However this may not apply if there is a car right in front of you. If 
>you have some room, I would reapply the brakes right after impact...
Force of the collision prolly will do this for you...

And btw, if everyone did as Eric did in this situation, our insurance rates
would be 1/2 what they are today...he *correctly* identified a risky
situation, gave himself extra margin for that "what if", saved several
other people from getting whacked...and reduced the damage to his car at
the same time.

Well done...now if we could train non-engineers to think like that! :)
There *is* hope, of course...I'm a marketing guy, and I take similar


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