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re: Audi Qauttro V8 tranny

yes, when everything lights up, it is indicative of a fault.  it could
be a whole lot of different things, from crying wolf to much more
serious problems.  it is an excellent suggestion to let the ignition
key sit in the "on" position for a second or two before cranking.

btw, when the tranny goes into limp home mode, a fault will be recorded
in memory.  you can have the mechanic plug in the laptop to retrieve 
the information.  if it keeps coming back with the same complaint
there may be cause for worry.  if it comes back with random things
that it's not happy about, i'd guess that it just didn't have time
to start everything up and is crying wolf.

my car did it a couple of times after the tranny and control unit
were replaced, but after very thorough checks, it was concluded
that it was just crying wolf.  i've put about 20K trouble free
miles on the car ever since.

btw, the resale value of the car is depressing!!!  more determined
than ever now to keep it till i'm in the grave.



Mine has done it 4x in 60K
miles.  Usually when very cold.  The fix has always been to shut down
and restart.  I have also found that the likelihood is reduced if, when
starting the car, you turn on ignition & wait 2-3 seconds before
cranking.  That seems to give the computers time to reach steady state
before asking them to do anyting. 


SwiftMotor@aol.com wrote:
> To all V8 owners, sorry to everyone else.
> Slid my car  into gear last night and crept away from a stand still. Noticed
> that all lights on the dash for the transmission were lit up!! Stopped the
> car, turned it off, started it back up, put it in gear and pulled away with
> no problems. This can not be a good sign. Any suggestions?
> Marvin