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1.8 TDI

they actually did announce the next generation TDIs.

the 2.0 ones will make 115 bhp and 135 bhp up from 90 and 110.
there's a small capacity increase, and more significantly they
will sport 16 valve (not 20 valve) heads.

there will also be a V6 TDI making about 150 bhp but with gobs
and gobs of torque.. (i seem to remember over 200+).  this V6
TDI is planned for the big audis including the A8.

(source: CAR magazine)

i recently drove the 90 bhp passat TDI.  while i felt that the performance
claims were somewhat over hyped, the car certainly did not feel slow, and
did not smoke when i floored it.  vibrations were minimal.  i'd pass on
the 90bhp one, but the V6 and the 135 bhp ones sound a lot more promising. 

the TDI is also boasts tons of electronics.  the engine computer will read
clutch, brake and accelerator readings.  the "throttle"  is drive-by-wire,
btw, all in the interests of reducing smoke and enhancing economy and also
to provide smooth take offs. 

i found the drive by wire pedal a little strange.  pressing it down does
not increase the revs.  you have to release the clutch a little before the
electronics allow the revs to build! 

the engine is so efficient that supplementary electric heaters have to be
added for HVAC. 

all in all a very interesting engine.  it's not "just another diesel".
there's the typical audi knack for innovation all over the place.