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Injured '91 200 TQW for Sale

Fellow Audians: My "new" '91 200 TQW arrived on Thursday. I completed 
the swap work this weekend, so the "old" TQW is officially for sale. 
What swap work? The Motronic from the "old" TQW went to Hoppen for an 
ECU upgrade so it would be ready when the "new" TQW arrived. The "new" 
Motronic went in the "old" TQW and upgraded Motronic went into the 
"new" TQW. In addition, I swapped the Blizzaks from the "old" TQW for 
the new Eagle II GT's that were on the "new" TQW (it's still snowing 
here). Hence, the "old" TQW has the BBS wheels and brand new tires.

I'm asking $3900, FOB Spokane for the TQW. The B3 engine, associated 
parts, running gear, wheels and tires should be worth at least that. 
I'd like to keep the TQW within the QList but if I cannot, two body 
shops have expressed interest as have a couple of salvage yards. 
Please let me hear something! GregJ