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Re: Oettinger 4000Q

What's the real deal on Oettinger (two 't's) Audis? Well actually Oettinger
is just a tuner, like MTM, Abt, and what have you. The special thing about
Oettinger is that, to my knoewledge, they concentrate on VWs and Audis.
Used to be that Oettinger (then called Okrasa, Oettinger's
Kraftfahrtechnische Spezial-Anstalt) tuned VW Beetles, back in the early
fifties (not that I was there, just quotin' the books). This relation
continued, and like Mercedes now has AMG and BMW has Alpina as an
'in-house' tuner, this relationship, to a lesser extent, still exists with
VAG and Oettinger.

My Dfl 0.02 (far less than $ 0.02)


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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