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Re: [Q] Wheel bearings on 87 4kcsq

Mausoof_Saqib@hpmail1.90.deere.com wrote:
> Subject: [Q] Wheel bearings on 87 4kcsq
> From: Mausoof_Saqib/dacdxh01////////ID/ou71103@hpmail1
> To: quattro-owner@coimbra.ans.net
> Hi,
> I think the wheel bearing on my quattro are going out. Whenever I take
> an exit, or whenever the road curves to the right, I hear this audible
> boom. Turning to left does not produce this kind of noise. I think it is
> definately not a CV joint, 'cause I have not spotted any leakage. My
> question is, is that something I should get fixed at the dealership or
> can the average workshop take care of it. I know that these bearings are
> pressed and not everyone works on them (Midas doesn't).
> Any comments would be welcome.
> Saqib Mausoof

How does the car feel during turn ?  Do you feel the bearing is going ?
ie: driving rough ?

I have had a similar problem with left turn. I almost concluded the same
thing.  As the matter of fact, several members of this list suggested it
is either the bearing or the cv.
I actually turned out to be the exhaust pipe rubbing the heat shield and
the side wall (just below the rear passenger seat).
The mechanic moved the pipe assembly out a little bit, the noise is
gone.  The noise was like groaning or bad muffler.  Did not cost me
anything to fix.
Check it out.
'90 90q20v