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engine-loss of power-hard starting/rough idle-poor acceleration/performance

MODELS(1986-1988 5000S AND 5000 TURBO VEHICLES
      (1989 100 AND 200 VEHICLES)
protective coating on side of fuel tank loosens and migrates to fuel
pump inlet screen,where,over time,flow is gradually reduced through the
pump inlet screen.this substance can be identified as a brown waxy
Inspect the fuel pump inlet strainer for a brown,waxy residue.
-fuel tank must not be more than half full
-carefully note position of all hoses,wires and clips;component must be
reinstall in exactly same position!!
-disconect and remove fuel pump from fuel tank
-disassemble and remove nylon mounting bracket from fuel pump 
-lay pump on edge of work surface and grasp firmly with hand
-remove inlet screen at base of pump by cutting screen as close as
possible to the crimp(using of sturdy sharp knife)leaving as few strand
of filter material as possible
-hold knife parallel to the pump or at a slight angle away from center
while cutting to ensure maximum removal of screen material
-gently knock pump against a flat surface to shake loose any remaining
screen material or debris
-reassemble pump and reinstall in vehicle
-perform quality check to assure proper pump operation
If the pump is noisy or pump performance is reduce after performing this
-install new pump of the same type,however;the new pump must be modifie
by removing the screen as previously described...