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Re: 89.5 turbos

Jon Meckem wrote:
> I noticed on a previos post that someone had just purchased a 89.5 200q.
> Was there an update mid-year to these cars?  If so could someone please
> enlighten me?   Also I am still looking for a 5000/200 turbo quattro, if
> anyone run across a good deal....
> Jon
> Miami
AutoWeek mag. always has several interesting Audis listed in the
advertising section.  This weeks edition has 2-3 S-4 quattros, a few
used A-4s and some older cars.
You can also reach Auto Week on line..http://www.AutoWeek.com
I do not work for them, but have subscribed for over 10 years..some of
it is good and some of it kind of light (a weekly) but overall I like
them and I have always enjoyed the advertisment sections ...also lots of
web sites for interesting cars mentioned in the mag.
Best to You.
BTW: I think you are right, there is no such thing as a 89.5 :)...One of
my earlier Quattros was a year end special turbo 200 that I bought new
and no one ....as in NO ONE.. as ever suggested that it was a 89.5!.
J0hn Coffey