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Re: 89.5 turbos

In a message dated 97-03-08 21:09:03 EST, you write:

<< BTW: I think you are right, there is no such thing as a 89.5 :)...One of
 my earlier Quattros was a year end special turbo 200 that I bought new
 and no one ....as in NO ONE.. as ever suggested that it was a 89.5!.
 J0hn Coffey
89.5 is the cutoff for the early vs late MC motor cars.... After mid 89
production, 200t cars got airbags, dual knock sensor computer, higher
compression motor, revised cam profile, brake master cylinder, firewall
reinforcement, k24 turbo....

Be careful here, esp if you plan on tweeking.  The <89.5 cars are just about
totally interchangeable parts to 86.5 5000 cars in the engine bay....  From a
computer upgrade, really nothing available for the 89.5> 10vt cars....

This is ONE historical change in the audi 44 body style that is widely
recognized amongst any audi officianado....