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Re: '88 5KTQW

At 09:38 AM 3/7/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm also in the market for a TQW. <snip>

Great cars.

>Given that I've never owned a car that's newer than '85, I a neophite on the 
>safety stuff. What year did the abs come in and what about airbags? 

ABS came in in 1986; airbags in 1989.5 200's.  These wagons are hard to
find.  I bought a 5kw (non-quattro) and drove it for a year before I found
the '87 5ktqw on sale locally.  I will probably keep this until I can find a
'91 200 tqw.  That was the one and only year for the 20v turbo motored (not
s4/s6) 200 wagons.  And only about 149 of those were imported to the US, so
they're pretty rare.  Good luck in you search.  I'll keep you in mind if I
sell ours.  Probably be about $6k -$7k though.

>Any advice from the q-listers would be appreciated.
>Paul A. Caouette
>Partners for Community Development
>Denver, Colorado
> 83 TQC with 207k & Still Going ( only 200 more miles on the rebuild run-in 
>before the "Knobben" gets hooked up)
> 85 4000Q 
>84 Crown Vic (165k) looking down the raod to that crusher with a drooping tail.
>And Many past Audis Gone but not Forgotten

John Karasaki

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