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Should I?

There is an '87 5kcstq localy available for $2500.00. Just spoke with the
owner who has had it since it was 16k old ('89) and it now has 187k.
Cosmetics sound pretty good (dark grey metalic w/grey leather) and it
(supposedly) runs great and gets 1.2 bar (he runs regular and shifts at 4k he
says...). It needs for sure: the PS rack, master cylinder (he has that and
new front pads-no rotors), probable rotors, probable bomb, major service,
timing belt/h2o pump, climate control sys repairs. The ad ran this morning
and he already received 5 calls (including mine). I sense it needs at least a
grand dumped in it right away (doing much of the work myself-much more with
labor added in). On the brighter side, the tires are Dunlop D60A2's w/18k on
them. There is a set of ski racks (but I don't ski) and sheepskins (don't
like 'em myself). He states that he doesn't push it hard and almost all the
miles are highway (yeah buuuuut...LA and Bay Area CA highways!), and that he
gets 60k per set of tires (that's pretty damm good). Reason for selling is
that he has it and 2 Jag's and is moving to Colorado??? And keeping 2 Jag's
over a q???!!! He knows a little about q's as he meantioned he had a 4kq
before this and has had this one for 8 years so I have to question
that...says he's getting a new SUV...hmmm

Anyway, I probably will go check it out this Saturday, any additional
specifics I should check? Any interest if I pass on it (and by the sounds of
it unless I can negotiate the price way down, I will...)? Any advice on what
to offer? I would have to sell my 4ksq if I buy this "project" as I can't
afford more than 2 cars at a time these days (and the ovlov mommiewagon must
remain-unfortunatly). My 4kq is pretty damm nice and is caught up...I know
for sure this 5ktq will cost me much more to keep on the road-that scares me.
But, I also know that sooner or later that I will need a bigger q (merged
family of 5 and the q is our road-trip car) and will have to let the beloved
4kq go :-(...unless there is a windfall and I could justify owning 3 cars.

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (tight and clean...and not wanting to be given up for a falling apart