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Fwd: Encouraging Julius (listmiester on TSB's)

Catching up the group:
Regarding TSB's, DanS (listmeister) sent the following to myself and Bruce A.
regarding a direct post I sent to the two of them reiterating my concern of
Copywright materials (see "Not Too Loud" - QHSIPQ@aol.com) being posted to
the net.  There are quite a few listers that have these, as does your dealer.
 DanS., I apologize if you were planning a separate post, but this sums up
the whole discussion pretty well, so you can continue analyzing your surveys
(that should keep you busy for a while('):o).  

TSB's are great sources for audi information, most that have them, are
willing to share the information, just more cognitive of Audis' potential
Dark Side.  Thanks for wanting to share them, though, Julius.

In a message dated 97-03-10 09:36:54 EST, dans@ans.net (Dan Simoes) writes:

<< Subj:	Re: Encouraging Julius
 Date:	97-03-10 09:36:54 EST
 From:	dans@ans.net (Dan Simoes)
 To:	QSHIPQ@aol.com
 CC:	dans@ans.net, mannlaw@indy.net, elprofe@caribe.net
 I'm with you, no copyrighted materials on the list.
 Been too busy to intervene though...
 elprofe, please hold off on sending those.  We are
 familiar with TSBs and have other ways of getting them.
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