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Re: '86 5000 Q 4 sale

	I need to sell my 1986 5000 CS Turbo Quattro to finish my 
college education.  I have posted it on the Quattro Marketplace but I 
need to sell it NOW.  It is the nicest 5000 Q I have seen and has only 
been driven one winter.  It has only 95,000 miles on it and I always 
hand wash it and use zymol regularly.  I want to see it go to another 
quattro lover who will take care of this rare beautly.  It has never 
been hit and has beautiful red paint.  If anyone is interested or knows 
of someone else who is interested, drop me a note or call me anytime.  
616 399-4353   Any help would be appreciated.  Do not hesitate to send 
or call with any questions.  
		Thankyou very much
		Marc Noordeloos
		Holland Michigan