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Re: Bose stereo / security code

Rob Winchell wrote:
> All -
> My "new" 91 200TQ has the Bose factory stereo in it. Of course, I have no
> idea what the security code is, and neither does the dealer I bought it
> from. It is OK now, but am I screwed if/when I cut the power?
> Sorry if this is a FAQ.
> Rob Winchell
> 91 200TQ
> 87 4000CS(non-Q)

	I used to work at a VW dealership so I assume the Audi coded 
radios are under a similar system.  An Audi Service center should be able 
to type in the Serial number of the radio into a computer and get your 
security code.  I may be wrong but give it a try.  Maybe someone else 
knows the answer for sure.  If you send me your serial number of your 
radio (have to pull the radio out of the dash, it is printed somewhere on 
the radio) (Will this disconnect the power to the radio????) I may be 
able to get you the securty code.  Let me know if this helps

Marc Noordeloos
86 5000 CSTQ  (Which I NEED to sell to pay for college)
83 4000 S