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Tire/wheel size '86 4kq

I have the stock alloy 14"x6 16 spoke wheels with 195/60-14 Eagle GT's
right now. I saw another '86 4kq the other day with some aftermarket 5
spokers that looked really good. They were huge though. Reminded me of
A4 wheels. They fit the fender wells real well. I'm guessing that they
were 16x8's, but the tires didn't look like they were low profile. I
wish I could have gotten the exact size, but we were in traffic and I'm
sure the woman driving wouldn't have stopped if I had tried to get her
to pull over. "Hey, could you pull over? I just wanna check your tire
size!" Yeah right. 
   Anyway, how big a tire/wheel combo will fit my rig? What have people
tried? What offset do I specify? My tires actually measure 23" in
diameter. My wifes car ('84 4k) with the identical Audi 16 spoke wheels
has 185/60-14 MXV4's which have a diameter of 22". It seems like I
wouldn't have much trouble with a larger diameter tire with the decent
torque that the 5 cyl puts out. Any opinions?
Wolff '86 4kq