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Re: Tire/wheel size '86 4kq

Wolff wrote:
> sure the woman driving wouldn't have stopped if I had tried to get her
> to pull over. "Hey, could you pull over? I just wanna check your tire
> size!" Yeah right.

How 'bout this true, somewhat similar, but rather funny story:
	I, along with a friend riding shotgun and tilted waaay back to sun
himself through the sunroof, was driving through a local retail parking
lot, enjoying my Coupe on a gorgeous fall day ....my FWD CGT is
definitely happiest in nice, sunny weather - quite different from your
quattros. A 4K entering on the other side of the lot caught my eye and I
was quickly turned around(love my turning circle radius!) and
accelerating towards it - I had noticed a bra was on it(rare), and since
the 4K has the same front end, I was finally going to get to see an
example in person! I passed it as the quite_attractive!(to my surprise,
and delight!) female driver parked it uncooperatively front-end-in. I
quickly turned around(again, I love that turning circle!) and again
drove past her just as she, by then probably wondering about me, was
getting out. The crisp fall air and her dress combined to make a
wonderful site(WOW :) so I decided to stop, lean across my oblivious
friend, and, quite seriously, ask: "How much did you pay for that bra?"
No lie! A classic example of not thinking first. Needless to say, my
friend quickly opened his eyes and, upon seeing her standing there
dumbfounded and off-guard, couldn't do anything but laugh hysterically.
I blurted out something about the one on the front of her car, not "that
one," and then before getting an answer, having decided I was not doing
too well, sped off.....
	Any lister in the North shore area of Boston own an '85? red 4K
quattro(I believe) with the beautiful woman option?!? If so, I apologize
for my only sexual harrassment offense in my life!

>    Anyway, how big a tire/wheel combo will fit my rig? What have people
> tried? What offset do I specify? My tires actually measure 23" in
> diameter. My wifes car ('84 4k) with the identical Audi 16 spoke wheels
> has 185/60-14 MXV4's which have a diameter of 22". It seems like I
> wouldn't have much trouble with a larger diameter tire with the decent
> torque that the 5 cyl puts out. Any opinions?

	Sorry, but after typing that story, my advice is to call Tire Rack or
like company. I doubt, however, that you saw 16" wheels along with tires
that "didn't look like they were low profile." If you were to put 16"
wheels on a 4K, you would NEED VERY LOW profile tires, but call some
tire mail-order business to find out exact info.

					Allan(sorry for the BW....)