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Re: Sunroof parts needed

I find myself needing to perform this maintenance also. You make the seal
replacement to be not too daunting. Is it possible to perform the
replacement without removing the sunroof?

TNX for any advice - jon

On Tue, 11 Mar 1997 Raudi83TQ@aol.com wrote:

> No big trick to felt seal. It comes longer than needed. Note where the ends
> meet, trailing edge, middle normal. Pull off old seal, clean panel edge.
> Center new seal along front edge and press on carefully starting at center
> and work to corner. Pulling off to start again is not a good idea so go
> slowly, it is a press fit. at corners work seal on bending it as you go, it
> is flexible. When you get to the back center, cut off extra material with a
> saw or dremel. You can use a cutter but you will need to spread the metal
> inside the seal after cutting. Be careful to have the ends meet tightly but
> not overlaping. It is easier than this sounds! 
> John
> 83urq