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Re: Sunroof parts needed

>Anyone have available sunroof parts?  My 86 Coupe needs the 
>weatherstripping as well 
>as the plastic "grenade pin" release on the left side (broke it the other 
>rather brittle).  In fact, I could use both side pins.  They don't look 
>like they're 
>easy to remove, so I'll probably end up acquiring the whole latch 
>assemblies.  Haven't 
>even begun to call dealers or parts houses, but I bet I won't like what I 
>find out, re 
>price & availability.   
>Any spare parts laying around? 

The "Grenade Pin" is actually a screw on handle that is rather 
inexpensive ($5 at the dealer.... But that was a while ago!) and it just 
screws on to the release pin.  The weather strip ran something like $25 
from the dealer)


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO