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Re: ur-q Koni shocks

     Which hydraulic shocks are you using that are externally adjustable, 
     make and part number?
     The shocks I've found for the ur-q are:-
     Bilstein (specially valved) - Gas
     Koni (Compressed adjustables) - Hydraulic
     Boge Part # 32-976-6 and # 32-977-6 - Hydraulic
     or Boge Part # 32920F - Hydraulic
     Spax - Hydraulic
     As far as the Boge Part#s go, I don't believe these shocks were the 
     original ones intended by the factory e.g. I think part #32920F is for 
     a 4000q?
     Regards, Mike
     p.s. I thought the bump stops were supposed to be split:)