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Re: 87 Coupe GT YAHOOOO!!!

> As I understand it, the Commemorative Edition was sold only in 1986,
> had a digital dash, red leather interior, body-colored mirrors and spoiler,
> had a **2.22L** engine and rear drum brakes, and came in alpine white
> or graphite metallic.
> 1987 incorporated the body-colored spoiler, mirrors, digital dash (on
> some?? all?), but offered a few different interior and exterior
> combinations.  It also switched to the 2.3L engine sometime in the
> middle of production, and some (potentially all) included rear disc brakes.
> I think that the best way to determine an '87 vs. '86 Comm. Ed. is to
> check for a red leather interior, and also the rear brakes for drum or disc.

	Agreed! Except no body-colored mirrors on the Comm. Ed., they were/are
black(or graphite).