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Re: Sticky Lifter solution(s)??

>Wish I'd been on the qlist at the time to ask Osman's question!  (And if
>he's still following this, remember to replace the gaskets and front oil
>seal.)  Hope not to mess w/ this too soon on the V8, although it might
>be an excuse to....


I'm still following the thread. Thanks to all for the detailed responses.
I love this list, but being a full-time student (a bio/Env.Sci major) at that
struggling to escape the Senior-itis, sometimes makes my responses somewhat

First, I'm going to follow Phil's diagnostic procedure to make sure that my
lifters are getting lazy and it isn't just my paranoia. (2) If they're bad I'm
first try the ATF in the oil (prior to a change). (3) If that doesn't work
after a few oil changes, then either I'll replace the lifters myself or have it
done by a competent mechanic (as I watch/help). 

The details posted on the procedure were wonderful, but made me realize that I
*may* be over my head. Trouble is that the "over my head" philosophy grinds
against my desire to fix things myself. I usually feel more confident about
repairs when *I* do them because I have a vested interest. 

Anyway.. thanks again for all the details. They'll be my references when/if I
get the procedure done.