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RE: Reply: Euro Headlights for UrQ

I also have the Hella Euro twin bulbs for a 4kq both in my 87 4kq as well as in stock for purchase.  E-mail me direct for more info.


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     Somebody asked about getting wrap around Euro headlights for an UrQ.
     I bought some H1/H4 wrap around units for my 86 4000Q from Total Audi 
     Performance in Florida.
     I called around looking for these damn things for quite a while, and a 
     number of people tried to tell me they didn't exist, and that they only 
     made a single bulb H4 Euro light.  I argued with idiots, because I had 
     seen them myself over in Germany, but then I gave up.  When I got 
     through to TAP, not only did they acknowledge that they exist, they 
     were able to get them for me!
     I bought Hella, but you wanted Cibie.  When I bought mine, I got to 
     choose between the two, so apparently TAP has a supplier for both.  
     I would give them a call, and I bet they could hook you up with the 
     ones for you car.
     The only thing that was frustrating was that they didn't have them in 
     stock, and it took a few months before I actually got them.
     As for price, unfortunately mine cost $600 for the set, but they are 
     mega cool looking, as they loose that goofy orange side marker.  I 
     love 'em!! How do you attach a price tag to the coolness factor?
     Oh, they really light too!  Right now, I just have the standard 
     (lowest) wattage bulbs, but they are still much better than the US 
     headlights.  I wired them up with heavy duty relays and wiring, so I 
     can safely upgrade to higher wattage bulbs when I get around to it.
     Hope this helps....