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Re: Reply: Aux gauges in UrQ

> news disturbs me! Is it so different that no modification will "fudge"
> it in there so that it's reasonably attractive? Has anyone tried this?

	I'm replying to my own post because I didn't read all of the posts
regarding this topic first and now know that the Abt pod will not fit on
my '86 CGT. This is very disappointing because it is a beautiful piece.
This bad news however, to me sounds like a profitable idea, but I could
be wrong(are there enough of us?). Has any Audi fanatic or aftermarket
company ever thought of designing, manufacturing, and selling a newer
version or does Abt have all rights to the design ..blah ...blah ...blah
I could use a profitable idea!  :)  But I'm sure it has been thought of,
like everything else....  :(

Steve Buchholz writes: "Doesn't the '86 4k have a more rounded
instrument cluster? The "Abt" part is meant to mount in place of the
instrument cluster cover on the olderstyle squared off cluster."

	Also, I wonder if anyone has tried, or knows 'if' and/or how, to remove
the required parts of the newer style dash and replace with the older
style in order for "the pod" to be used? How much of the dash would have
to be retro-fitted? I am guessing way too many parts requiring way too
much money, but I would like to know what's been discussed or tried.
	Thanks for the info if you have it and take the time to share it!