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Fast trip in A6/100

Just finished a dash from Chicago to Washington in my A6/100 which took 11:22
including fuel stops. Here are some observations:

 No Audis to be seen. Other than transiting the cities, I never saw an Audi on
the open road, so we still drive rare meat!

 Very quiet smooth and comfortable. I can hold 3000 rpm up all hills and can
easily reach 100 mph on the flat without a lot of throttle. The Schaumberg mods
work well at sustained engine speeds above 3000 rpm with enough torque on tap
to go from 70 or so to 85 very quickly. Completely unlike the engine character
when pulling away, and before it gets on the cam as it were.

 I have the Euro lights which proved themselves once again no needing to use
the high beams at all during the the first 4 hours of the trip which started at

 Fuel consumption averaged 24 mpg so I only made 1 stop before I reached my
destination at 785 miles in total. I stpped at 412 miles outside Columbus and
still had 3 galls, or probably about 2 useable.

 Saw three fuzzy wuzzies, none seemingly active, but my KB40 radar chirped
often, which I heeded for 5/10 minutes at a time. I also had a scanner which
showed only two close HP conversations, both of which were in clearly marked
lower speed zones which I was basicly obeying (+5 mph). Must have been lucky!

 Otherwise glad to have the Stonegard stuff up front, so I did not have to
duck and dive around the trucks on some of the loose stuff the states call
highways until the orange barrel season starts.

JIC u haul were interested.