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A4, A6 images

Somebody was asking for A6/S6 Avant images a few days ago ... I have
scanned some in from European Audi brochures, and put them on our ftp
site for your enjoyment.  The images are in JPEG format, in either
(approximately) 1024x768 or 1280x1024 size, and include:

*	80 Competition
*	Coupe
*	S4, S4 Avant (100-based)
*	A3
*	A4, A4 Avant
*	A6, A6 Avant

The address is ftp://ftp.metrics.com/auto/quattro -- enjoy!

Tom Haapanen -- Software Metrics Inc. -- Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
A Microsoft Solution Provider Partner -- http://www.metrics.com/