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RE: Buying an A4

Coming from a Passat VR6 myself, I'd say that the things he is giving up
*	some power (if Passat is VR6)
*	quite a bit of rear seat space
*	a little bit of trunk space

If these things are not a concern, I wouldn't hesitate to move to an A4
(as I will be doing in a month or two, when my car arrives).  Of course,
I would highly recommend a quattro, unless it never rains where you are.

On the flip side, the new Passat will be out in less than six months,
will cost less than the A4, be roomier, and be quite close in terms of
handling and build quality.  Me, I *still* want the A4!

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>-----Original Message-----
>From: Martin Slotterback <zing@mail.lm.com>
>Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 22:48:04 -0500
>Subject: Buying an A4
>   A friend asks me today "Is there ANY reason WHY I should NOT buy this
>A4?"    He is coming from a VW passat and the only thing he has
>commented on is the seating posistion. He feels further to the left when
>in the drivers seat the he does in his passat.??  Any thing to be
>concerned about?  The model is the 1.8t fwd winter package.