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87 5000CSQW - Hydraul fluid level varies a lot

Okay, so I know there's a weeping of hydraulic fluid where a hose joins 
the bottom of the reservoir and the PS rack has had a minor leak for 
about a year now. Neither too serious. But I do watch the hydraulic fluid 
level and every couple of months need to top it off.

The problem is that the fluid level in the reservoir varies widely. After 
my evening commute (DC / NO VA stop & go), the fluid is at the minimum 
line or a little below. If I check a few hours later, the level is at 7/8 
of max. My garage floor is pretty level so I know that's not it.

Would like to just use the most optimistic reading but I suspect that's 
not the best strategy in the long run ... Any thoughts?  :).  TIA

     John Taylor
     Fairfax County VA